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Developing innovative applications to transform the world of finance

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We're providing cutting-edge applications on emerging blockchains, strengthening their ecosystems with latest technologies and trends including:

  • Liquid Staking Derivatives
  • NFT Tooling & Explorer
  • Convergence of AI & Web3

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Awards & Recognition

Since our formation in 2022, we have achieved notable recognition and awards, solidifying our position as a leading player in the industry

WebX Move Hackathon Winner

We secured 1st place in the WebX Move Hackathon in Tokyo in July '23, showcasing our innovative approach to yield tokenization on Sui blockchain

Tezos x FuelArts Accelerator 2023

We were selected as one of the 10 teams out of 100+ to participate in an acceleration program with a US-based Web3 accelerator, focusing on NFT arts, from 3/2023 to 5/2023

SCB10X Metathon Winner

The 1st place winner of the global Metaverse-themed Hackathon in 2022 hosted by a leading bank in Thailand, competing against 10+ finalist teams from 6 countries

  • Finalist - HAPathon 2023 (Japan) - April 2023
  • 2nd Place - BNB Chain Ideathon Tokyo - April 2023
  • Category Winner - FVM Dataverse Hack - May 2023
  • 3rd Place - Oasys Tokyo Hackjam - July 2023
  • Finalist - Sui Liquid Staking Hackathon - September 2023
  • 2nd Place - XRP DeFi Hackathon Tokyo - December 2023



Tamago Blockchain Labs 株式会社


Co-Working Q, 1-1, JR Hakata City B1F

Hakata, Fukuoka, Japan 812-0012

Established Date

September 2022

(81) 80-4894-2495

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