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Value-backed NFT

The value-backed NFT issuance protocol provides a single global state for virtual items, opens the way to new use cases with modular price control mechanism, collateral asset backing its value. It can be your next virtual gift, accessory for the virtual world that is widely accepted across the community.

  • Stablecoin NFT

    An algorithmic NFT that represents a specific amount of currency.

  • Commodity NFT

    Provides a basic element for Metaverse from gold to raw material NFT.

NFT Luckbox

The NFT Luckbox is a decentralized lottery for NFT aims to help NFT artists and projects an alternative way to distribute their collection as opposed to OpenSea, each box contains of nine slots, the box creator can deposit the NFT into particular slot along with the probability to get it.


We provide a protocol to create synthetic tokens that represent the value of gold, diamond and currencies that can be used in a various immersive environments. The current version consists of features of:

  • Hybrid reserve - Multi-collateral tokens
  • Exchange agnostic - The synthetic token is ERC-20 compatible
  • Faster chain - Currently support on Polygon
  • Incentivizing everyone - Staking available for both minter & holder
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We are developing NFT-based games that allow each player to use his/her own NFTs as in-game characters and to craft new game items with Tamago’s synthetic tokens based on real-life values of gold and diamond.

  • MetaSnake - A metaverse snake game
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